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"May the dreams of your past be the reality of your future.."   ~Jimi Hendrix

Joey began guitar lessons on his 8th birthday. However, his love for music started much earlier. His very first guitar performance was at the age of 9 in front of well over 200 people at his school concert. He performed AC/DC’s Back in Black. The response from the crowd confirmed that this was a path he wanted for his future. Just a few short years later, he would find himself creating and performing for a school play through its entirety with his guitar. At the age of 13, Joey began taking piano lessons and excelled very quickly. He took this new skill and began to volunteer at local senior homes throughout his community. This is where he found his passion of giving through music. Music is something that connects people of all ages and this casual setting is very rewarding to both Joey and the seniors. It has been such an uplifting experience that he continues to perform at senior homes to this day. 

He was active through his school years in Jazz band playing guitar and helping out on bass when needed. It wasn’t until his senior year that he was convinced to participate in the marching band drumline where he excelled as well. His efforts were recognized with many awards received throughout the years as well as several music scholarships. 

Aside from his busy music schedule, Joey is currently attending the University of Rhode Island where he is double majoring in Music Therapy and Jazz Performance. His plan for the future is to perform, produce, and continue his music therapy efforts with broadened horizons. 

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